Spouse or Civil Partner Visa

Spouse Visa, Civil Partner Marriage visa and Visa to Marry in the UK:

Applications for a foreign wife or husband, or same sex partner to permanently join you the (settled or British national) are becoming more complex and it is very important to seek legal advice if you are hoping to apply under the Spouse UK Immigration law.
In August 2017; The Court of Appeal ruled that the income threshold ought to give further consideration towards alternative means of income where the applicant was unable to meet the ridged application of the Financial FM Appendix Requirements.

Main Changes to minimum income requirement for spouse visa:

(i) When making decisions for spouse visa applications, the Home Office must take into consideration of other source of income (spouse visa) – exceptional circumstances – the new rules refer to “unjustifiably harsh circumstances”;
(ii) The Home office must consider certain extra sources of income only, such as credible offers of support from third parties and sustainable employment – the new rules do not accept personal loan as one of the sources of income;
(iii) The onus is on the applicant to prove their circumstances; they are subject to the “genuineness, credibility and reliability” test;
(iv) If applicant does not reach the minimum income rules (i.e. £18,600), new rule confirms that the spouse can only obtain settlement on a 10-year route.
English Language level increased to A2:

The existing A1 English language test will be replaced by a higher level A2 test. The new requirement will apply to non-EEA nationals who have already been living in the UK for at least 30 months as a partner or spouse of a British citizen or UK-settled person and who are applying to extend their existing leave to remain. The new requirement will not apply to first time applicants submitting a UK settlement fiancée, unmarried partner or marriage visa application from outside the UK.
To qualify for further leave to remain under the partner route, applicants will have to pass an English language speaking and listening test at level A2 or higher.
It will apply in all in country applications of this nature, there will be no exception to the new rules.
We understand that you may have very little understanding of all the legal requirements, there are other additional requirements to me; and we are able to find the right advisor for you that will offer sound, clear advice and further act on your behalf email us today.
Can my foreign Partner visit you in the UK Spouse and get married lawfully?

Yes. If the foreign partner meets with a “Marriage Visitor Visa” legal requirements.
Contact us for further advice and find out how to qualify for the marriage visitor visa.
The above guidance to the current changes were supplied by Shabana Shahab

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